Sectional vs. Rolling Garage Doors

Do you need a new garage door for your home or business in the Indianapolis area? Not sure if you need a sectional or rolling garage door? Want to learn more about the different types of garage doors in general so you can make a more informed decision? Whatever your situation, you’ve come to the right place!

Sectional and steel garage doors are the two main types of garage doors available.

Differences Between a Sectional & Rolling Garage Door

A sectional garage door is used for many homes—undoubtedly you’ve seen one on a friend’s or neighbor’s house or you have one yourself—but there are also many sectional garage doors designed for commercial applications. These garage doors are typically made of six to eight panels that slide up and overhead when the door opens. Sectional garage doors can be made of any material—steel, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, vinyl, etc. Steel is one of the most common.

Sectional garage doors:

  • Don’t require any extra space outside for opening
  • Are reliable and robust (each panel has its own connection to the track of the door)
  • Can be a cost-effective option

A rolling garage door—also referred to as a roller garage door—is typically made with corrugated steel, which makes it more impact-resistant. Rolling garage doors are commonly used for commercial and industrial applications, such as warehouses, fire stations, storage facilities, car washes, and businesses that need to stay secure and closed at nights and on the weekends. Some rolling garage doors use a spring inside the rolling mechanism and some use a manual pulley and chain system or a geared motor to roll the door up and down.

Rolling garage doors:

  • Tend to be quieter in operation
  • Are extremely secure
  • Are resistant to impact from high winds, heavy rain, etc.

Which Type of Garage Door Is Better?

When it comes time to choose between a sectional and steel door, there isn’t one door that is better than the other. It all depends on your needs. There are things to consider beforehand that can make your choice easier:

  • What is the building you need a new garage door for?
  • Do you need an impact-resistant door?
  • What items are inside the garage and do they require extra protection?

Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie offers both sectional garage doors and rolling garage doors and has installed garage doors for both homes and commercial buildings. If you’re looking for a garage door company in the Indianapolis area, contact us today!