How to Fix Sagging Windows

Time has an interesting effect on your home, especially when it comes to windows and doors. Have you noticed that some window frames have begun to sag, particularly the frames of bay or bow windows? You know you need to fix a window when the sash isn’t perfectly flat anymore because the lower corners have begun to sag. When this happens, the window no longer closes tightly when you try to shut it.

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What Causes Sagging Windows?

  • The frame may be out of square, meaning not all corners are at 90 degrees. Improper window installation is the most probable cause.
  • The sash could also be out of square. Proper glass blocking is critical to hold the sash rigid with 90-degree corners.
  • Then, the sash might not be held square in the frame. This is most likely to occur with casement windows, since the hinges are located on one side. When the top and bottom hinges aren’t precisely located, the window may be impossible to mount perfectly square in the frame.
  • Sash settling is the final possibility, though it’s the least common contributor to sagging windows. A casement window sash can settle if the sill is flexible enough that it sinks below the lower hinge shoe.

How to Fix Your Sagging Window

Your best bet for a temporary fix is to add support to the sagging window with L-brackets. It’s recommended to call a professional for help because DIY window work can be a disaster if one little thing goes wrong. You may need to replace the damaged windows to get proper functionality and higher energy efficiency once more.

The professionals at Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie can assess your window situation and suggest the necessary course of action: repair or replacement. To get started, please contact us today.