Garage Door Bottom Seals

There are many different garage door parts, from the opener to the springs to the bottom seal. You probably know what the opener is but may not be as familiar with the other parts, like the seals.

What Is a Garage Door Seal?

Garage door seals are used as weatherstripping, to protect the garage space from inclement weather, leaves, etc, and are available in different styles (bottom, threshold and more). Some seals, like brush seals, typically come on commercial doors, but all garage doors have bottom seals.

Garage Door Bottom Seals

A bottom seal—also called a gasket or astragal—is needed because concrete floors aren’t completely even—it seals the gaps to make the space more level. Bottom seals are used for weatherproofing and help keep rain, snow, leaves, grass, insects, etc. out of your garage.

Garage Door Bottom Seal

Garage Door Bottom Seal Types

There are many different types of garage door bottom seals, including:

  • Bulb: Bulb seals have a bottom circular shape with a large T shape on the top.
  • Beaded: These types of seals are T-shaped and used for double channel retainers with circular grooves.
  • J-type: J-shaped, these seal types are used for single channel retainers.
  • T-type: T-type seals are like beaded seals, forming a T shape on both sides and used for double channel retainers.

The most important thing is to make sure the seal isn’t broken or compromised in any way.

Overhead Door Bottom Seals

Most Overhead Door garage doors come with bulb seals. Some also have thermal seals in between sections to provide even more protection against the elements. In addition to this weatherstripping, many of our doors also come with insulation for even higher energy efficiency.

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