Why Does My Garage Door Stop Halfway?

Having some trouble with a garage door that seems to quit midway through either opening or closing? Wondering, “Why does my garage door stop halfway up/down?” While this problem can be hair-pull worthy, it’s actually a fairly common concern, and one that oftentimes comes with a quite simple solution.

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Reasons Behind the Problem

You could be experiencing one of a few problems, so we’ll lay out the most common causes.

Rusty or Jammed Parts

The rollers that slide your door up and down are more crucial to its proper operation than you may think. Be sure to clean and grease/oil these occasionally. The springs may be also be the source of the issue. If they aren’t lubricated properly, they could stick or even break.

Problem with the force adjustment

It’s possible there’s a problem with the door’s force adjustment setting—the force limit may need to be adjusted. We do not recommend any DIY repairs, as garage door parts can potentially cause injury if not handled properly.

Improper Limit Setting

Your automatic garage door comes with a limit setting that limits the amount of force it is allowed to exert in either opening or closing. If this setting is improper, it can cause your door to stop midway, thinking its job is done. Over time, through natural settling or unaware fiddling, this setting can get a bit out of appropriate caliber.


If the door closes almost all the way and then stops, there may simply be some kind of obstruction! Yes, this one is obvious, but you may be surprised how often the culprit is something like a wedged rock or stick.

Garage Door Repair & Maintenance in the Indianapolis Area

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