Should You Replace Your Garage Door Opener?

The opener is the most important part of your garage door—without it, the garage door couldn’t operate. A question we often hear is “when should I replace my garage door opener?” There isn’t a single, simple answer.

When to Get a New Opener

When your garage door suddenly stops working, the source of the problem is sometimes the opener. If this is the case, a repair or replacement is clearly needed. But it isn’t always so obvious! There are other reasons you may want to replace your garage door operator.

  • Safety: It’s recommended to replace openers made prior to 1993.Many old models aren’t equipped with infrared sensors or other external entrapment protection devices and don’t meet today’s standard for garage door safety. For this reason, we think that all openers made before 1993 should be replaced.


  • Noise Control: Another reason you may want a new garage door opener is noise control. Newer models tend to be quieter in operation than older ones.


  • Convenience: Many newer garage door operators today are available with convenient battery backup systems. Overhead Door’s garage door opener batter backup system can run up to 50 cycles in 24 hours after the initial power outage.

Garage door openers are expected to last about 20 years, but even if you’ve had yours for that long and it hasn’t broken down yet, you may want to consider the reasons we’ve mentioned above. There are benefits of replacing your opener even if it isn’t broken.

Garage Door Services in Indianapolis

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