Why Is Water Leaking Under the Garage Door?

Have you noticed that rainwater always seems to find its way into your garage after a storm? Cleanup is annoying to say the least. Water infiltration is particularly likely if your driveway slopes downward, but it can happen no matter the slope. If you can’t figure out the source of water leaking under the garage door, consider these possibilities and ways to fix them.

Long Panel Garage Doors

Poor Door Seals

A broken seal is one of the most common causes of water leaking under the garage door. Look at the bottom of the door where it meets the floor. A flexible rubber gasket should extend from one side of the door to the other. If the gasket is worn, cracked or torn, the seal won’t be tight when the door closes. A poor seal allows water (and insects) easier access to your garage. To fix this problem, replace the seal.

There are other, non-garage door related causes of leaks as well:

No Gutters

Your garage could be getting wet if water is allowed to drip directly off the garage roof instead of being drained away properly with a gutter. Divert water away from the garage by installing new gutters and downspouts.

Inward Sloping Soil

If the lawn on either side of your driveway is higher than the driveway itself, rainwater could run onto the driveway and drain into the garage. Consider having the soil grade adjusted on your property. Just be careful not to divert water flow into your neighbor’s yard.

Downward Sloping Driveway

Even with all your best efforts to stop water leaking under the garage door, a downward sloping driveway always presents a problem. The best option is to dig a drain trench in the concrete in front of the door and install a steel or PVC pipe. An iron grate fits on top so water can drain into the trench instead of flowing into your garage.

Garage Door Repair & Replacement in the Indianapolis Area

Even if the problem isn’t with the door itself, we can’t understate the importance of a good seal. And while problems with soil and sloping driveways are out of our control, we can help with the seal! Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie can inspect your door and take care of your repair or replacement needs.

Whether you need a new garage door seal, other repair or full replacement, look to the team at Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie. We offer 24-hour emergency service and can help get you out of the fix you’re in whenever you need us.

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