How to Prepare Windows for Winter

Winter is truly upon us—the holidays are here and it’s frosty, scarf-and-hat weather. Is your home ready? The windows are a good place to start. If they aren’t prepared for the long cold season ahead, it’s time to take action.

If your windows aren’t ready to handle the winter, your home can be more vulnerable to air leaks—this means potentially higher energy bills and a more uncomfortable house, which no homeowner wants to deal with.

So what can you do to prevent this? Start with the windows!

Winterize Your Windows

Ideally, you took care of your windows (and the rest of your home) in the fall before it got cold, but if you didn’t, better late than never! It’s generally recommended to:

  • Check the weatherstripping of your windows and doors to make sure they are sealed (professional air sealing yields the best results).
  • Make sure your storm windows are on (if you have them)—and next year, put them on in the fall!
  • Make sure your windows have good hardware and can lock properly, as unlocked windows can allow more air to leak in and out.
  • Look for drafts near your windows—this can indicate a lack of insulation. The right amount of home insulation is important, especially in the winter, when it comes to helping you lower your energy bills and save money!
  • Take care of any window or door repairs as soon as possible.

Most importantly, what condition are your windows in? If they aren’t in good shape and they don’t work as well as they used to, you may want to consider replacing them. Telltale signs that you may need new windows are:

  • Excess condensation on the window
  • Windows that don’t open and close easily or all the way
  • Drafts by the window
  • Uncomfortable temperatures in your home as well as the air conditioner or furnace running more than normal
  • Corroding caulk, deteriorating sash and other problems with the parts
  • More frequent (and increasingly expensive) repairs

Sometimes a repair may be enough, but sometimes installing replacement windows is a more cost-effective solution, particularly if your windows are old.

Window Replacement in Indianapolis

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