Fixing Rotting Windows

Written on: March 22nd, 2016 BY IN Windows

You probably don’t think about your windows much—until they start rotting. Unfortunately, after years of exposure to the elements, windows can get damaged and even start to rot. Here are some window rot repair ideas and tips to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Options for Fixing Rotting Windows

We always recommend high-quality vinyl windows, which aren’t prone to rotting the way wood windows are! But if you’re set on your current windows, you’ll be pleased to learn that replacement isn’t the only option. Depending on the extent of the damage, here are two window rot repair options you can try:

  • Apply epoxy: Special products are made specifically for filling cavities created by rotting windows. Look for “restoration epoxy” at your local home improvement store. This repair strengthens the remaining material and helps your windows look much better. Just remember that epoxy is only recommended if the rot is confined to 10% or less of the window.
  • Replace damaged sections of the frame: Because of issues with standing water, window sills are the most likely spots to start rotting. If the damage is severe enough, you should plan to replace it. We always recommend professional, rather than DIY, replacement.

Prevent the Problem from Reoccurring

Once you perform window rot repair, you don’t want to deal with this problem ever again. Help your windows last longer with these tips:

  • Paint the frame with high-quality exterior window paint to seal and protect the wood.
  • As time goes by and the paint begins to peel, sand the windows and reapply a fresh coat.
  • Remove fungus, mold or mildew from the window surface as soon as it develops. Letting it sit there can lead to different problems.
  • Replace damaged weatherstripping to help keep water out and cause moisture issues in your home.
  • Remove cracked caulk with a putty knife and apply new caulk in its place to seal the window.
  • Only install storm windows with weep holes, which are designed to direct water away from the sill.
  • Avoid using window air conditioners that could drip condensation on the sill, or make sure to properly maintain your units to prevent this problem.

If you discover your window rot repair efforts aren’t enough to restore your windows to their former glory, contact Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie. We offer a wide selection of vinyl windows that are not likely to rot. Excellent durability and a long life are just two of the benefits you can expect after you replace your rotting windows with vinyl ones. Come check out our selection today!