What Causes Garage Doors to Open By Themselves?

A garage door opening by itself is a relatively rare occurrence with today’s modern garage door opening systems. In the past, random radio interference or a neighbor with a similar system could cause a garage door to open at seemingly random times, but today’s systems feature rolling codes and other protections that make the phenomenon less likely. It can still happen, however, and the cause should be investigated to protect your security, privacy and property.

Possible Causes

If the garage door in your Indiana home is opening seemingly at will, there could be several possible causes, including:

  • Improperly set limits: If the down limit for your door is set too far, the door will close fully before the system thinks it should, and the system will reopen it, believing an obstacle is present. This is a safety feature, and it can be corrected by adjusting the limits properly.
  • Misaligned optical sensors: Another safety feature, the optical sensors or “eyes” create an invisible beam across the door opening, and if an obstacle, such as a child, crosses it, the door will open to prevent accidents. Check and align the optical sensors, if necessary.
  • Weak batteries: Sometimes, weak batteries in the remote can cause a garage door to open randomly. Replace the batteries and test the system.
  • Sticky keys: Keys that are sticky or defective on the keypad, wall button or remote can cause the door to open accidentally. Clean or replace the affected components.
  • Electrical problems: Short circuits or damaged wires in the keypad, remote, wall button, or the associated wiring may cause the door to open randomly. Have the system inspected for problems.
  • Damaged circuits: Circuit boards in the door opener, keypad or wall button that have been damaged by electrical storms, brownouts or voltage spikes could behave unpredictably. Have the components tested and replaced, if necessary.

If you cannot determine the cause of the problem, it is best to have a professional inspect the system to protect your home and ensure that your garage door opener does not have a major problem.

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