Should I Paint My Vinyl Windows?

When it comes to replacement windows, vinyl windows are some of the most desirable types available. This material is low-maintenance, efficient, resistant to rotting, and often one of the most affordable choices around.

Double-Hung Windows


But what if you choose one color today and change your mind down the road? What if you repaint your home’s exterior? Can vinyl windows be painted, or will you be stuck with window frames that clash with the new house color?

The answer depends on who you talk to. Painting contractors will likely say yes, you can paint vinyl windows, while window manufacturers are more likely to tell you no. The decision is ultimately up to you, but use caution and take the right approach.

 Considerations to Make Before Painting Vinyl Windows

Before you make your final decision about painting your vinyl windows, consider these points:

  • Unless specifically stated otherwise, painting the window can void the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Color is more important than just creating a new aesthetic. Painting vinyl windows a dark color could cause irreparable damage to the material because it will absorb more heat from the sun. That’s why vinyl windows are most often available in white.
  • If you attempt the job yourself and accidentally paint the weatherstripping, screen channels or jamb liners, window efficiency and operation could suffer.

Tips for Painting Vinyl Windows

If you decide you still want to paint your vinyl windows, it’s recommended to follow these guidelines to help prevent the paint from peeling:

  • Thoroughly clean the vinyl surface of dirt and debris with water and soap.
  • Apply an alkyd-based primer to the vinyl to help the paint bond to the rigid surface. Applying paint directly to the vinyl can cause the frames to flake and peel off pretty quickly since vinyl isn’t an ideal surface for painting.
  • Choose a paint specifically designed for PVC. Stick to a relatively light color to prevent the material from overheating in the sun.
  • Unless you’re sure about your paint choice, send a color chip to the manufacturer for an opinion. Keeping open communication could help preserve your warranty and give you peace of mind that you’re doing the job right. At the very least, take your question to a local painting contractor for their professional opinion.

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