Garage Door Seal for Uneven Floors

Are you having trouble closing your garage door all the way because the floor is uneven? You can easily fix this problem with a garage door seal for an uneven floor, which offers many benefits.

Benefits of Installing a Garage Door Seal for Uneven Floor

A tight seal between your garage door and the floor is important for many reasons:

  • Keep warm air in the garage during winter.
  • Keep cool air in the garage during summer.
  • Prevent rain and melting snow from leaking into the garage. This is especially beneficial if your driveway slopes down toward your home.
  • Limit the number of critters that find their way inside.

What Are Garage Door Seals Made of?

Most seals are vinyl polymer and rise to a maximum height of about 1/2 inch. One side is designed to match up with the garage door for a tight seal against an uneven floor. Standard colors include gray, black and tan.

Installing a Garage Door Seal

We do not recommend DIY installation. This is an easy job for your local garage door company! In general, installation goes like this:

  • Unroll the garage door seal to let it relax into a flat position. This process goes faster if the seal is laid in a warm spot.
  • Clean the area where the garage door meets the floor to encourage good adhesion.
  • Lay out the seal from one edge of the garage door opening to the other and cut it to the proper length.
  • Manually close the garage door onto the seal so you can adjust it to a precise location, and mark the location of the seal on both sides along the floor.
  • Open the garage door. Move the seal so it’s out of the way.
  • Apply glue between the pencil marks on the garage floor according to the directions. Lay the floor seal back down in its proper spot and press down firmly.
  • Close the door on top of the seal to create pressure. Leave the door closed for 24 hours to maximize the bond between the floor and the garage door seal.

If you need to install a new seal or replace your garage door completely, contact Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie.