Should My Garage Door Spring Be Replaced?

It’s pretty common to use the garage door as the main entrance to your home, especially if you drive everywhere you go and park your car in the garage. Think about how many times per day you lift and lower the garage door: once in the morning when you leave for work, once when the kids come home from school and once in the evening when you get home from work. Any family outings or errands you run add to the number of times you use the garage door.

This means you might open and close your garage door an average of three to five times per day, or about 1,000 to 2,000 times per year! That’s a lot of strain on all those moving parts, including the garage door spring.

If you’re wondering, “Should I replace my garage door spring?” you’re not alone. Most homeowners want to avoid an incident with the spring breaking and potentially launching across the room and causing an injury. Of course, if the safety cable is installed correctly, no one will be hurt if the spring snaps. Still, for the sake of convenience, a complete breakdown is something you want to avoid.

Signs You Should Replace Your Garage Door Springs

Watch for these signs you should replace your garage door spring sooner rather than later:

  • The garage door doesn’t move when you activate the garage door opener, or it opens slightly and then stops. This means the spring is broken. Your garage door won’t operate again until you replace it.
  • The garage door opens, but it moves slowly and seems to struggle. This can mean the spring is on its last leg and may fail at any time.
  • When the garage door is in the closed position, the coils on the spring appear stretched and irregular in places. These are weak points that can cause the spring to fail.

Note: DIY repairs are not recommended. Moving garage door parts can be dangerous and should be inspected and fixed by professionals.

If you continue to use your garage door with a damaged spring, it can cause serious harm to the door or the opener. It’s also a safety hazard, especially if no safety cable is in place. Hire a professional to perform this garage door repair. A high-cycle garage door spring is an option that will last several years longer than a standard version.

Garage Door Services in Indianapolis

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