Non-Traditional Garage Doors

Walking down the street in a typical neighborhood in the Indianapolis area, you see typical garage doors. White, tan, maybe brown. Short raised panels. Windows. Are you interested in a different look? There are many non-traditional doors that can add distinctive charm to your home.

In the market for a new garage door and want a unique one rather than the traditional white raised panel model? You’re sure to find what you’re looking for in Overhead Door’s versatile collection!

Pictures of Unique Garage Doors

Looking for some ideas? Below, browse through the pictures of non-traditional garage doors (in terms of color and/or shape and style):

Unique Garage Doors

Arched top garage doors with no windows can provide a unique look for any home, regardless of its size or style. The pattern on these doors also adds to their distinct appearance.

Unique Wood Garage Door

Wood garage doors are charming and warm, but with the right design, they can look non-traditional for those who prefer a different look. Decorative hardware, like the one on the door above, can help with this.

Distinct Garage Doors

A green door is unique simply because of the color (when is the last time you saw a green garage door?). But add an arched top or more distinct window and you have a door that stands out and commands attention.

Garage Doors That Are Different

Making your wood garage door look rustic or antique can help distinguish it from other doors—even other beautiful wood models.

Non Traditional Garage Doors

Blue is another color you don’t see as often when it comes to garage doors—but it can be a great one, especially for vacation homes! Depending on the style, blue garage doors can add elegance and keep the look classy while also adding a touch of distinction. They nicely complement white and other light colored siding.

Garage Door Installation in Indianapolis

Do you need garage door installers in central Indiana? Call Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie. We offer doors in a variety of colors, styles and sizes. Whether you’re trying to boost curb appeal or just want a different look for your home, we can help you choose the perfect unique door for you!

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