Why Do Windows Have Multiple Panes?

Ever found yourself wondering: Why do windows have two panes? Allow the experts at Overhead Door the pleasure of cluing you in! Modern windows are made with multiple panes for energy efficiency purposes, but there’s more to it than that.

Two Panes Of Protection

Windows with two panes are appropriately called “Double Pane Windows”, or IGUs (Insulated Glass Units). These most often feature two panes of glass separated by a space to allow air or gas between them. These panes are sealed together with a vacuum-tight sealant along the frame, and often include a desiccant to reduce moisture buildup between the panes.

The two panes increase the insulation property of your windows, and the gap of air provides exceptional insulation against energy loss, and also acts as a buffer against noise pollution. Some IGUs are filled with a gas like argon, which adds further insulation, as it is more dense than the air we breathe.

Functionally speaking, double-pane windows are considerably more effective at insulating a home against weather, energy transfer and sound. They are quite superior to a single pane window, which are rarely seen in homes today.

The Benefits of Multiple-Pane Windows

Double pane windows provide excellent benefits, and are becoming more and more common as time goes on. Benefits include:

  • Reduced energy costs. The increased efficiency of these windows can help save homeowners on utility costs, making them an extremely effective “going green” option.
  • Improved insulation against noise. Double pane windows make for a much quieter and peaceful home by helping create a barrier against outside sound.
  • A more comfortable home. Double pane windows can keep a cool home cooler, and a warm home warmer. Temperature control is one of the most desired creature comforts for a homeowner, and IGUs make it a much easier ask.

Double-Pane Window Installation in the Indianapolis Area

Why do windows have two panes? Now you know! For further information about Overhead’s products, services and offers, or if you’re ready to install new windows, contact us online today.