Should You Install a Garage Door Battery Backup System?

Garage Door Opener Battery Backup

You probably take your automatic garage door for granted. The huge door lifts on your command with the touch of a button and gently falls back into place once you get inside.

But what happens if the power goes out? With summer thunderstorm season coming up, blackouts are likely to become more common. Lightning flashes, the lights go dark and the electricity needed to operate your garage door is nowhere to be found. Fortunately, you can take control with garage door battery backup systems. Learn how you can benefit from this system to help you decide if installing one is worth the effort.

Assured Home Access

If you use your garage as the primary entrance to your home, you might not carry a house key with you when you take a walk or go jogging. Of course, this means a power outage could effectively lock you out of your house. Until power is restored, you’re stuck outside, possibly in bad weather. Garage door battery backup systems assure home access so a thunderstorm can never catch you off guard.

No Physical Strain

In desperate situations, you might not be willing to wait outside for the power to come back on. If you can enter the garage from a side door, you have the option to pull the red release cord and open the garage door manually, but this could strain you physically and even cause a back injury. Misaligned or heavy wooden doors are especially difficult to open manually.

Besides, once you have the door open, you have to prop it open with something to avoid it slamming back to the ground. This takes at least two people. Avoid the strain and the hassle with a garage door battery backup system.


Many homeowners feel it’s important to have the car parked in the garage during a power outage for safety reasons, but getting a car into the garage without power is easier said than done. However, garage door battery backup systems automatically power up during a blackout so your remote controls and garage door safety systems work normally. This prevents any inconvenience in entering or leaving your home during a power outage.

It’s nearly impossible to predict the effects of summer thunderstorms, but you can always be prepared. For more information about installing a garage door battery backup system, contact Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie.