Choosing a Garage Door

Do you need a new garage door? Are you in the process of selecting a new one? Aside from choosing a sectional or rolling garage door (most homes have sectional doors—rolling garage doors are really more for commercial buildings), you also have the material and style of the door to consider.

How to Choose a Garage Door

The style and material of your garage door are important aspects to consider—they can significantly affect how the exterior of your home looks and also have an effect on factors like maintenance and energy efficiency.

Let’s start with the materials.

Garage Door Materials


Steel is the traditional garage door material—it is durable and low-maintenance. However, steel garage doors can dent and rust if not properly cared and maintained for.

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These garage doors provide a very modern and sophisticated look for homes; they are also available in many colors and finishes and are relatively low-maintenance. But aluminum garage doors are not as insulated as other garage doors and, therefore, aren’t ideal in extreme temperatures.

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Wood garage doors offer distinctive beauty and fine craftsmanship that many people find appealing, but these kinds of doors require a little more maintenance than others. Staining, painting or water sealing is required every few years.

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Consider a garage door with a fiberglass exterior if you want the look of wood without as much maintenance. You may need to apply a clear protectant every few years, but fiberglass-exterior garage doors don’t require much upkeep!

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Garage doors with vinyl exteriors are more resistant to rusting and don’t require painting. Vinyl-exterior garage doors, however, aren’t recommended in extreme heat.

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Garage Door Styles

Generally, there are three basic styles of most garage doors—traditional, carriage house and modern.

Traditional garage doors have either raised or recessed panels (short or long), and there are many window choices to complement any home.

Traditional Style Garage Door

Carriage house garage doors are often used for period style homes because they have an Old World look. Although they look like swinging stable doors, they roll upward like a regular garage door. Many decorative handles and hinges are available to add great finishing touches to your carriage house style garage door.

Carriage Style Garage Door

Modern garage doors complement modern and contemporary style homes and offer an elegant look for your home’s exterior. Our modern style garage doors are made of aluminum and full-view glass.

Modern Style Garage Door

Considering your home’s style and your aesthetic tastes can help you more easily determine the material and style you want for your new garage door. To further discuss choosing a garage door or if you’re ready to install a new garage door for your home in the Indianapolis area, contact us today!