Garage Door Terminology

Your garage door is an essential part of your home’s exterior. Although not something we think about on a daily or even weekly basis, your garage door keeps your home safe and protected every single day. So when the door stops working, it can not only be inconvenient but also presents a safety problem.

If you’ve ever dealt with a garage door repair or replacement, you’ve probably heard some terms such as “torsion springs,” “operator,” etc. If you have a basic idea of the different parts of the garage door, it can be easier when talking to a professional.

Garage Door Parts & Terminology

Your garage door is more than just a door! Many different parts make up a garage door, including:

  • Operator: The garage door operator, or opener, is the medium sized, motorized device located inside the garage (mounted to the ceiling). It opens and closes the door and can be controlled by a switch on the wall, a keypad or a remote control.
  • Operator drawbar plates: The drawbar plate provides a sturdy place for the garage door operator door bracket to mount to and is available in multiple sizes.
  • Rollers: The rollers help the garage door open and close and help ensure smooth movement.
  • Track: The track houses the rollers, and it helps guide the garage door up to the ceiling of the garage and back down.
  • Springs: There are two types of garage door springs. The torsion spring (parallel to the door) helps counterbalance the door’s weight so it can be more easily lifted. Extension springs are used when the door is taller than the garage space and they help lift the door
  • Emergency release: The emergency release lever or handle is located at the end of the red rope that hangs from the opener rail near the top of the door. It disconnects the garage door from the opener and can be used in emergency situations when the door needs to be manually opened or closed.
  • Weatherstripping: The weatherstripping of a garage door is at the very bottom—it creates a seal along the edge to help reduce air infiltration and increase energy efficiency.

Need New Garage Door Parts for a Repair?

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