Garage Door Panel Styles

There are many different design options when it comes to a garage door—color and material are big decisions, but so is the panel style. Although raised panels are the classic look, there are many more options than that!

What are the different panel designs and which one is right for you?

Long Panel vs. Short Panels

Garage door panel sizes can vary—there are short panels and long panels. Although long panels may work better on wider garage doors, and don’t make the door look as busy, it really comes down to your personal preference.

Short Panel Garage Door
Long Panel Garage Door

Raised, Recessed & Flush Panels

Raised panels—the classic style of garage doors—offer depth and distinction, helping enhance your home’s overall aesthetic. Short and long raised panel doors are shown below in the two top pictures. Recessed panels are the opposite of raised panels, although the two have a similar look. Flush panels are flat and slightly textured, and they can be used to complement a home’s architecture without drawing too much attention to the door itself. Flush panel garage doors are often windowless and are used to complement a lot of modern, minimalist architecture.

Short Raised Garage Door Panels
Long Raised Garage Door Panels
Recessed Panel Garage Door
Flush Panel Garage Doors

Carriage Style Panels

Carriage style garage doors can be considered their own category. They don’t have classic raised panels or traditional flat panels. They are available in several panel varieties, such as unique overlays (usually in an upside V shape or X shape) or a vertical slat design.

Overlay Garage Door Panel Design
Vertical Slat Garage Door

Garage Door Installation in Indianapolis

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