What’s the Best Garage Door Opener for Low Ceilings?

Do you need to install a new garage door? If you have a low ceiling in your garage, perhaps you’re wondering what the best product is for your unique situation. Contact Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie to discuss your project—or keep reading to learn more about garage door openers and low ceilings!

I have a low ceiling. What opener should I install?

A residential garage door requires a minimum of 4 ½ inches of headroom. Many different special track options are available and make it possible for doors to be installed in non-standard garages. Your garage door system may need a:

  • Low-headroom track system (which slopes down instead of running parallel to the ceiling)
  • Low-headroom-torsion rear-track system
  • Another type of unique track system designed for minimum headroom

For a garage door opener, you will need a little more headroom—approximately 6 ½ inches minimum.

Garage Door Opener Services in Indianapolis

With the right solution, it is possible to install a garage door with an opener in an area that has minimum headroom. Let us help!

Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie offers:

  • Belt-driven openers
  • Chain-driven openers
  • Screw-driven openers

And we can also discuss your options for special tracks if you have a low ceiling in your garage.

Have more questions? Want to learn more about our services? Ready to install a new garage door opener? Whatever the case, get in touch with our team—we look forward to helping you!