How to Care for Your Garage Door

The garage door is the largest movable part in your home. As with any other mechanical equipment, it needs regular maintenance to remain in good working order. If you’ve always wondered how to care for your garage door, below is a quick guide. However, we do not recommend DIY projects.

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Garage Door Maintenance Tasks

  • Clean the garage door track: We don’t recommend lubricating the garage door track in an attempt to alleviate noisy operation. What is needed is a simple cleaning with a damp cloth followed by a clean dry rag. A small amount of WD40 may be appropriate for removing any sticky residue on the track.
  • Realign the sensors: The sensors at the bottom of the garage door act as a safety feature. When a pet or child interrupts the beam while the garage door is closing, it reverses to prevent trapping anything beneath it. Check for a blinking light. If you see this error indication, the sensors should be realigned.
  • Lubricate the appropriate components: The chain rail, hinges, stems, metal rollers and other components should be lubricated when the garage door becomes noisy. While some parts require lubricant to function properly, others can be ruined by it, which is why you should leave this job to the professionals.
  • Inspect and reset the opener if necessary: Regular inspection can help prevent problems with the garage door opener before they begin. A reset is also an option if your garage door stops working properly.
  • Inspect springs, cables and hardware: A quick visual inspection can help determine if you need a garage door tune-up, maintenance tasks should be left to a pro. A service technician can make necessary adjustments or repairs to keep the garage door in good working condition.

Garage Door Service in the Indianapolis Area

Even with knowledge of how to care for your garage door, we don’t recommend making inspections or tune-ups yourself. Instead, you should have your garage door professionally serviced to avoid injuring yourself or damaging any sensitive hardware. To schedule a garage door tune-up, contact Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie today!