Why Are My Windows Foggy?

Most homes today have double-pane windows with a pocket of air trapped between. These are better at keeping heat and cold out than single-pane windows. Their efficiency climbs even higher with the addition of argon or krypton gas, window films, and coatings.

Unfortunately, even with advanced technology at our disposal, the seal around double pane windows sometimes breaks, allowing moisture to enter and condensation to form on the inside of the glass. Learn why this happens and how to fix foggy windows.

Why Do Windows Fog Up?

  • Water damage: The bottom window seal can deteriorate when exposed to water. To prevent standing water from collecting around a window seal, the glass should be elevated above the sash, and weep holes should be present to allow for drainage.
  • Heat damage: South-facing windows are most likely to succumb to heat damage. As the air between the panes expands in the heat, the window bows outward. It returns to normal when the heat lessens, but this repeated process can soften and loosen the window seal until a crack forms and lets moisture in.
  • Old age: Even the most elastic, durable seal can’t last forever. Perimeter seals start to dry out and crack eventually. Fortunately, windows usually come with a 10- to 20-year warranty, which is pretty impressive considering the abuse they withstand.
  • Impact: An impact alone is rarely enough to break a window seal, but if it’s already been weakened by any of the above causes, an impact could be the final straw.

How to Fix Foggy Windows

When a window seal fails and the interior starts to fog up, window replacement is the only viable way to remedy the situation. Repairs are usually not cost-effective in most cases.

The best way to prevent foggy windows in the future is to invest in high-quality products! Look for products with a good warranty of at least 10 to 20 years. Then, ensure good air circulation both inside and out to prevent condensation that can drip down the window and damage the seal. Keep your windows clean and seal sash frames with caulk when they begin to separate to increase the window’s longevity.

If you determine you need to replace your foggy windows, turn to Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie for high-quality window replacements from top brands.