Do You Need Double-Hung Window Repair?

Double-hung windows are among the most common type of window installed in older homes. They have a rich history and remain viable windows to this day. Double-hung windows provide the convenience of opening either the top or bottom sash, making them great for ventilating children’s bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and other areas.

Great Lakes Window Double-Hung Windows

Unfortunately, as with any type, double-hung windows sometimes succumb to certain problems.

Experiencing one of these problems?

Here are the signs you may need window repair or replacement.

  • Broken balance springs: Because of their vertical operation, each double-hung window sash requires two balance springs to support their weight when open. A sash with a broken spring might be difficult to open, or the window may slide closed on its own. To allow the breeze back into your home without the need to prop open the window with a block of wood, seek double-hung window repair if you notice this problem.
  • Swollen wood frame: If you have wood double-hung windows, the frame can swell when the air is more humid than usual. A visually undetectable amount of swelling can make it difficult to open and close the window. Even if operation returns to normal when the humidity level drops, you want your windows to function under any condition. A repair ensures you get your wish.
  • Sticky sliding track: A double-hung window may become stuck simply because the sliding track needs lubrication. Add silicon or another lubricant to make the window open and close with greater ease. Remember to clean the sliding track before adding lubrication for the best results.
  • Fogging: Windows of all kinds with two panes of glass, including double-hung windows, may experience fogging if the seal between the window panes fails. Moisture gets in between the glass and fogs up the windows from the inside so you can’t simply wipe them dry. A repair is often adequate to de-fog the windows without needing to have them replaced.
  • Moisture problems: If a double-hung window leaks, moisture could slowly make its way inside, causing the frame to rot. Even if you have a rot-resistant window frame, the moisture could make its way to the wall and damage building materials there. If you find this happening, have the rotted sections of the frame replaced and the leaky portions of the window repaired.

If you determine you need double-hung window repair or replacement, contact Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie to schedule service from a professional.