Do Your Casement Windows Need to Be Repaired?

Casement windows (windows that are attached to the frame by one or more hinges, specifically on the sides) are a gorgeous and history-laden part of any home that houses them. They’re considered highly energy-efficient, even older models, and they provide excellent security while allowing for unobstructed viewing.

But, like any portion of your home, they have a few weaknesses. Some of these they share with other window types, but others are unique to casement windows. To keep your windows in top-shape, it’s important to understand when you might need casement window repair and how to recognize the signs. Allow the experts at Overhead Door of Indianapolis & Muncie to help you in knowing what to look for!

Casement Window Repair: The Signs

Your windows are in need of repair if:

  • You’re experiencing air-bleed. This is a shared weakness of all windows. If you notice a draft, the seals may be compromised. Time will only exacerbate this issue, and it should be handled right away.
  • The hinges of your window are damaged. The hinges on your casement window are a unique feature, which at times, may require unique repair! Over time, the hinges may begin to corrode, grow weak or begin to wear. These are all visible issues and should be addressed immediately. A damaged hinge will eventually give out, and at that point repair may no longer be possible.
  • You hear “rattling”. It gets pretty windy here in central Indiana, and you may at some point notice a rattle from your window in these times. This can mean your panel of glass has become loose. Don’t lose a good pane, have it checked out.
  • Your crank or stay is sticking or not working. If you can’t seem to get your casement window to open smoothly and reliably, the problem often lies with the crank or the stay (depending on which your casement window uses). This could be corrosion, build-up or simple wear.

Casement Window Repair in Central Indiana

If you notice any of these signs, contact Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie right away! No matter your window repair needs, our experts carry all of the experience, skill and knowledge needed to meet them. Our goal is always complete satisfaction, and we won’t rest until we’ve given you the service you deserve!