The Benefits of Storm Doors

Storm doors are installed on the exterior of front entry doors. While entry doors swing inward, storm doors swing out. They are thin, lightweight and usually made with glass panels. If you’ve been asking yourself, “Do I need a storm door?” and thinking about installing one or replacing your existing one, consider these five benefits:

  • Improved energy efficiency: As long as the storm door is hung tightly, it creates a seal between the main door and the exterior of your home. The air trapped between the doors acts as additional insulation and can help reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • Better home comfort: Many storm doors have a sliding glass panel and built-in screen. This means you can leave the entry door wide open during the summer to enjoy some natural light and a cooling breeze without letting any insects inside.
  • Greater safety and security: At night, you can lock both the storm door and the front entry door for an added layer of security. After all, even though the storm door is made of glass, the strong frame and non-removable pin hinges thwart attempts to get around it. Intruders are deterred by an additional locked door.
  • Enhanced aesthetics: Storm doors come in a variety of colors, though a white frame is the most common. The glass panel or panels may have etched details that can add to the beauty of the installation. Plus, with glass panels protecting your front door from wind and rain, the paint remains in pristine condition for much longer.
  • Increased home value: Because homebuyers recognize these storm door benefits, installing one on your front door increases the value of your home. The cost to install one is quickly recouped when you add it to the asking price of your home, meaning storm doors provide a great return on investment. This is especially beneficial if you’re moving in the near future.

Storm Door Installation in the Indianapolis Area

Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie offers storm doors from two reliable brands: ProVia and Home Guard. Both offer durable, secure storm doors in a variety of colors with several high-performance features to ensure your satisfaction. Storm doors are beautiful, functional, long-lasting and a valuable addition to any home.

With these storm door benefits in mind, contact us to perform the installation for you. Our insured and highly-trained installers have completed countless successful storm door installs. We’re sure you’ll be pleased with yours!