Are Vinyl Windows Better than Aluminum?

When it’s time to replace your windows, you have a few important considerations to make. In addition to the window’s operation style, you also need to decide what window material you want. If you’re comparing vinyl and aluminum windows, let this guide help you determine why vinyl may be the better choice for you.

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Why Are Vinyl Windows Better than Aluminum?

Are vinyl windows better than aluminum—and if so, why?

Energy Efficiency

As a metal, aluminum allows cold air to enter quite easily in the winter. The reverse occurs in the summer when aluminum transfers heat from outside into your home.

On the other hand, vinyl is a naturally superior insulator. This means choosing vinyl windows helps make your home more energy efficient and can lower your heating and cooling bills in the process.


Aluminum shares another characteristic with other metals, which is that it corrodes when exposed to airborne chemicals, salt and pollution. The material can also rust if used in places continually exposed to high humidity, dampness or condensation.

In contrast, vinyl is more impervious to rust, rot and flaking. This means, if you live in a place with demanding weather, you can expect your vinyl windows to last.


You can paint new aluminum windows in any color you want. While this provides versatility down the road, it increases maintenance, requiring you to repaint the window as the paint gradually chips and flakes away.

The low maintenance requirements of vinyl provide a major selling point for this window type. Vinyl aren’t ideal for paint, so you choose the color you want at installation and sit back while the durable material outshines other windows that have to be repainted every few years.


Aluminum and vinyl windows tend to cost about the same. It really depends on the window type, manufacturer and specific framing options you choose. Often the cost depends just as much on the glass as the frame material. In the end, it pays to shop around for the best combination of low cost and high quality.

Choosing New Windows for Your Indianapolis Area Home

Do these reasons convince you as to why are vinyl windows better than aluminum? It’s time to get serious about shopping!

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