Advanced Garage Door Solutions for Extra Security

Are you traveling for the holidays? No matter what you’re celebrating, December is a big travel month for many families. You want to bake holiday cookies and cozy up by the fire with family and friends—the security of your home is the last thing you want to worry about!

If you live in central Indiana, Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie offers garage doors with advanced safety and security features. But there are also solutions for those who want even more peace of mind when they’re away from home for extended periods of time!

Advanced Garage Door Security

Overhead Door provides advanced garage door solutions for extra safety and security, perfect for any travel, from vacation to long weekend getaways to business trips.

Vacation Lock

Overhead Door’s garage door Vacation Lock is truly convenient. It is a special feature on certain openers and wall consoles, and it includes Sure-Lock™ technology. The Vacation Lock disables remote transmitters and wireless keypad operation when activated, so the garage cannot be opened remotely while the lock is in effect.

Advanced Wall Console

Similar to the Vacation Lock, this feature provides extra security. The Advanced Wall Console has Sure-Lock™ technology to disable remote and keypad operation when activated. It operates up to three garage door openers when paired with the Overhead Door Network Adapter (sold separately), eliminating the unnecessary clutter of multiple consoles for multiple garage doors.

Door Report Remote

If you want that extra sense of security and assurance whenever you leave your house—especially for vacations, business trips and other extended periods—this solution is practical. The Door Report Remote alerts you (with a red flashing light) if the garage door doesn’t close all the way. It beeps and flashes green when the garage door has successfully closed.

Battery Back-Up

Although this feature doesn’t necessarily count as extra security, a backup battery for your garage door can be a good thing to have. You don’t want to come home from vacation and find your garage door can’t open because the power is out! With Overhead Door’s Battery Back-up unit, your door can operate even in a power outage!

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Garage Door Services in Indianapolis

Don’t leave your home compromised this holiday season—take care of any garage door repairs as early as possible. You may also want to consider advanced security features, like Vacation Lock, Door Report Remote, etc.

If you live in central Indiana, get in touch with Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie today by contacting us online or calling 317-489-0825 for our Indianapolis location and 765-215-2932 for our Muncie location!