2016 Window Trends

We’re not even a quarter of the way through 2016—there’s plenty of time to enhance your home. Remodeling is a big undertaking you may not be ready for, but smaller updates like replacing your windows can be a great solution.

If you want to install new windows to improve the interior and exterior of your home, read about a few of the latest trends here!

Make a BIG statement.

We’ve all heard of the phrase “the bigger, the better” and when it comes to windows, this statement is becoming truer. Large windows are one of the trends for 2016. They are a great way to let in natural light and highlight beautiful outdoor views but also help lower electric bills (you can keep the lights off longer!).

Window Trends

Dress up your windows.

Window treatments are making a comeback! In past years, naked windows have been in—but if you’re installing new windows this year, consider simple and sleek curtains and other treatments. Let them blend in with your home and complement the room without standing out too much. Sustainability is also in—and there are plenty of eco-friendly window treatment options.

Go smart with the shades.

Motorized window shades are another trend for this year. The smart home is here and it’s here to stay! Motorized shades bring window treatments to a whole new level—and can make your life a lot easier.

Window Replacement in Indianapolis

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