Why Your Doors Are Hard to Operate

Are you having trouble opening or closing one of your doors? Patio doors in particular can be difficult to operate. No matter which door you’re having issues with, don’t just dismiss it as something you have to deal with. Improperly working doors are more than just an inconvenience—they can indicate a problem that needs to be fixed in a timely manner.

While it’s best to talk to a professional and have them determine the source of the problem, it can help to get an idea beforehand. Contact us to schedule door replacement, or keep reading to learn more!

If your door is hard to open and close, there could be a few different reasons why.

Broken Parts

Faulty door operation could indicate broken hardware, but sometimes a full replacement may be necessary. If the door doesn’t work the way it should, it’s possible that hardware is broken or the frame (or another part) is deteriorating. For sliding patio doors, the rollers are often the source of the problem.

Sagging Frame

Do you see scrape marks on the top of the frame or unequal gaps when the sliding door is closed? It’s possible that the frame rough opening has moved due to settling. Sagging frames need to be fixed right away, as they can wear the rollers out quickly.

Rust or Debris Buildup

It’s natural for dirt, dust and other debris to build up on your doors, on the frame or along the track of a sliding door. But over time, this can make the doors more difficult to open and close. Excessive rust is especially important to take care of—it can compromise the integrity of the door and potentially cause damage.

Most of the issues above apply to patio doors but if any of your doors are experiencing problems, be sure to take care of it right away. This is especially important if the lock isn’t working properly or there is another issue that comprises the security of your home.

Do You Need a New Door for Your Indianapolis Area Home?

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