Types of Dock Equipment

For your cargo transportation or dock environment to be a safe and efficient place to work, it needs high-quality equipment. Do you need new equipment for your loading dock?

Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie has your dock equipment needs in central Indiana covered. We offer products from top manufacturers that offer all the different types of loading dock equipment you need:

  • Levelers: Dock levelers make the deck safe and easy to access. They correct height differences between the loading dock and the trucks that come for shipping or delivery.
  • Shelters: Dock shelters can provide full access to loads while helping protect valuable items you’re loading from the elements—rain, wind, snow, ice, etc. They work particularly well for spaces with larger door openings.
  • Seals: Convenient energy saving options, dock seals help protect your loads from drastic temperature changes. Typically, seals fit smaller door openings.
  • Bumpers: Dock bumpers, typically pieces of rubber at the floor level of a dock opening to protect the building from truck trailer impact, can help prevent a lot of damage and minimize downtime.
  • Lifts: Essential for high productivity, dock lifts are used to load and unload cargo from the trucks and transfer it to the ground or dock elevation.

Of course, you also need a sturdy door system—and we offer the Overhead Door Knock & Lock® Breakaway Door System! This system is convenient and can help prevent dock door damage. We also offer quality dock equipment (levelers, shelters, seals, etc.) from manufacturers including:

  • Blue Giant
  • Hugger

Loading Dock Equipment in Indianapolis

Whatever your loading dock door installation or dock equipment needs are for your commercial building in central Indiana, look no further than Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie. We offer the loading dock equipment services you need.

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