Common Garage Door Problems (and Solutions!)

“What’s wrong when my garage door only closes partially?” “What causes my garage door to only open halfway?” “Why is my garage door making a loud grinding noise?” We hear questions like these often—and if you’re asking something like this, you may need professional garage door service! While garage door problems generally don’t occur too often, when they do they’re truly inconvenient and can leave you in a real jam.

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What Is Wrong with Your Garage Door?

Common garage door problems include:

  • Door doesn’t close or only closes partially
  • Door doesn’t open or only opens partially
  • Loud grinding or humming noise during operation
  • Motor runs but door doesn’t open
  • Door can be opened without using the opener or keypad
  • Broken glass (on one or more of the door’s windows)
  • Corrosion (painting over the exposed metal is not a good permanent solution!)
  • Sagging, warped or cracked panels (especially common in older wood doors)
  • More frequent and/or increasingly expensive repairs

Garage door problems are generally a result of:

  • A faulty opener
  • An opener that is low on batteries
  • A broken part (spring, cable, track, etc.)
  • Severe weather
  • Old age

Is your garage door experiencing any of the aforementioned issues—or another problem altogether? If it is or if you’re asking “what is wrong with my garage door?” you may need professional service!

Solutions to Garage Door Problems

We think the best solution to any garage door problem is to call a local garage door company! If you’re in central Indiana, Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie can help. We’ve served the area for nearly 90 years and have experience with all types of garage door repairs and replacements. We offer 24-hour garage door service so you can rely on us to get you out of the fix you’re in—whenever you need it!

Whether your garage door has been damaged by inclement weather or has stopped performing reliably due to old age and corrosion, it may be time for a repair or replacement. One of our professionals can come out and help you determine if you need a repair or if a full replacement would be better.

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