Garage Door Ideas for Your Home

Do you need a new garage door? It’s one of the biggest exterior parts of your home, so make sure it looks good! If yours needs to be replaced—whether due to damage, lack of maintenance or simply old age—it’s time to take action.

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Garage Door Pictures

Three Garage Doors

For larger homes and garages, a three-door configuration (rather than one large door or two doors) can add a distinct look.

White Garage Doors

White is a common garage door color, so it may not be your best choice if you want to make more of a statement. But it provides a very elegant, classic look you may find appealing. Depending on the color, a white door can stand out more—for example, it creates a nice contrast to a dark blue or bright brick house.

Wood Garage Doors

If you’re going for natural look, consider a wood garage door. Its aesthetic appeal and natural warmth is considered unmatched by many, and these doors are very versatile. They can offer a rustic, antique or weathered look (like the picture above) or a touch of elegance.

Modern Aluminum Garage Doors

Do you have a modern or contemporary home? A more modern garage door tends to have straight lines and flush, or flat, panels. Overhead Door modern garage doors are made of aluminum and glass (like the picture above). If you’re trying to modernize your home, consider a more minimalist door (flush panels as well as no windows or decorative hardware).

Green Garage Doors

The opposite of minimalist is the garage door shown above. Carriage style garage doors like this are ornate and unique, meant to stand out and draw attention. A pop of color—like a yellow, blue or green garage door—can enhance the overall exterior of your home. Arched top doors also provide more distinction.

Standard Garage Door

Sometimes a standard garage door works best, and plain doors can still be beautiful! If you want something simpler and more classic, a standard raised panel garage door in a neutral color (white, beige, light brown, etc.) is a good option.

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