Why Are Bay Windows Used?

Have you ever wondered, “Why are bay windows used?” or “What purpose do those really serve?” They’re gorgeous (when done right), and many homeowners who don’t have them want them. But do they serve some higher purpose, or have a particular function? It’s actually a pretty common question, and the answer is really simple.

Bay Window

What’s A Bay Window?

For those of us that may be a little unfamiliar, bay windows are those fancy looking window-encased protrusions that are present in many older homes. They can be triangular, made up of two panes meeting at a point, but are most commonly polygonal (rounded ones, called bow windows, also exist). Bay windows can be any size, some as short as a hatch, some large enough to house a full size couch.

You often see them featuring some form of built-in seating or cushion, and many homeowners today use them as a decorative focal point in the room.

What They Were For

Originally, way back in the Medieval times, bay windows were used to house small, in-home chapels or altars. They were usually added on to homes and were fairly commonplace all the way up to the Baroque period (1600-1700s), until they fell out of fashion for a time.

Bay windows were also seen in Oriental homes, often used as a sort of enclosed balcony. They were constructed in a way that allowed the homeowner to look out of the home without being clearly observed themselves, as a kind of private viewing room.

What They’re For Now

Nowadays, bay windows primarily exist to simply be enjoyed. They are exceptionally popular, frequently installed to improve curb appeal and increase the worth of a home. They are also useful in opening up cramped or dark rooms, adding quality light and often space. Many homeowners use bay window interiors for:

  • Cushioned seating (for a reading nook or kitchen banquette seats)
  • Decorative displays
  • Plants and flowers
  • And more

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