Why Install Casement Windows?

Written on: June 23rd, 2015 BY IN Windows

Casement windows rank among the most popular window replacements in central Indiana (and across the country). This window style opens outward by a hinge on its side. You control the pivoting motion with a crank mounted on the inside.

Are casement windows right for your home? Consider the benefits of casement windows to help you decide:

  • Excellent ventilation: Casement windows are designed to open outward at a full 90-degree angle. Being perpendicular to the house helps guide breezes from all directions through the window for excellent ventilation in rooms that need it most.
  • Easy operation: Thanks to the convenient crank, you can easily and quickly open a casement window with just one hand. There’s no need to put a lot of muscle behind the effort, as is sometimes the case with sliding and double-hung windows. This makes casement windows ideal for behind the kitchen sink or in a tight, hard-to-reach corner.
  • Expansive view: Casement windows typically don’t have muntins, which are metal or wood strips placed between two panes of glass to mimic an old fashioned look from when larger windows were difficult to manufacture. Because of this, they give you an uninterrupted view of the outside.
  • Enhanced energy efficiency: Thanks to fewer moving parts, casements are some of the most energy-efficient windows available. They close tightly, stopping drafts from entering, and with the right frame material and glazing technology, you can keep the sun and extreme outdoor temperatures out.
  • Exceptional versatility: Because casements have a simple, elegant design, they’re appropriate for a wide variety of home styles, from classical to contemporary.
  • Effective home security: Casement windows are among the most secure windows you can own. Because they can’t be operated without turning the crank, they provide superior security to sliding and double-hung windows.

Casement Window Installers in the Indianapolis Area

Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie supplies casements from two high-quality brands: American Window and Great Lakes Window. We can help you pick the perfect replacements for your home from one of these two trusted brands.

For more information about the benefits of casement windows, or to begin the window replacement process, contact us today.