Winterizing Your Garage Door

With the dropping temperatures and Thanksgiving only a few weeks away, you can be sure winter is around the corner. Is your garage door prepared? There are several things you can do before the cold sets in to help ensure your garage door (and garage) are ready for the long winter.

So, how do you go about winterizing your garage door?

How to Prepare Your Garage Door for the Cold

Sooner rather than later, we recommend doing a few things to make sure your garage door is ready to handle the cold months ahead.


The first thing we recommend is checking the batteries in the remote and keypad. If it’s been a few years since you replaced the batteries or if you can’t even remember the last time you did, it’s a good idea to replace them.

Investing in a backup battery can also be a great idea—garage door battery backup systems can come in handy, particularly in the winter!


This is one of the most important tips in our opinion! Call your local garage door company so they can come out and inspect your door and ensure it’s in proper working order. If your garage door is closed and you can see light shining through anywhere or visible rips or tears on the bottom seal, we recommend calling a professional for repair.


Is your garage door insulated? If your door is old or damaged, consider replacing it with an insulated model. We offer many different energy-efficient garage doors with insulation to help you reduce your energy bills.

Other Ways to Winterize Your Garage

  • Clean your garage door to help extend its lifespan (it may be a good idea to call your local garage door professionals before using cleaner)
  • Replace outdoor lighting
  • Put away any spring and summer tools you won’t need again until next year

If you live in central Indiana and need to repair or replace your garage door before the winter, Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie can help—we offer 24-hour garage door service, so contact us anytime day or night!