Replacing Your Windows in the Winter

As 2015 approaches (time flies, doesn’t it?) and you start writing out your New Year’s resolutions, perhaps you’re thinking about your home. How can you improve it? Many homeowners start out the New Year with a remodel.

One great way to improve the aesthetic and comfort of your home is by replacing your old, drafty windows. “But it’s the wintertime,” you may be thinking. “Can I replace windows in the winter?” Yes, you can install new windows during the cold season! Replacing your windows can actually help you reduce your heating bills and improve energy efficiency.

Why to Install Windows in the Winter

Although you can install new windows nearly any time of the year (unless there’s a blizzard or other extreme weather), there are a few benefits of doing so in December, January, or February. Wintertime window replacement allows for:

  • Lower costs: Installing windows during the off-season can be less expensive than waiting to install them in the spring or the fall, when everybody else is. Sometimes you can find discounts on products when you purchase them during the winter.
  • Shorter wait times: In the winter, window installers aren’t in high demand—it tends to be their slower season, which means greater schedule flexibility and shorter wait times. Your new windows can be installed much more quickly!
  • Less disruption: Replacing your windows in the winter can also be more convenient than replacing them in the spring or fall, when the weather is nicer. Most families stay indoors when it’s cold—you won’t have to worry about your outdoor party being disrupted and your yard being less accessible. Window installation won’t be as disruptive when you’re curled up by the fire watching a movie!

Wintertime window replacement tip: If you decide to install new windows before it gets warm again, you may be worried about your comfort. Be sure to close doors to any rooms that have windows that are being replaced, and if the contractors say it’s fine, try covering window areas with blankets—but keep the sweatshirts and sweaters handy too!

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The holidays are still a few weeks away—you have plenty of time to install replacement windows before companies get busy again and wait times and prices increase! If you live in central Indiana, Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie can help. We replace windows for homeowners throughout the area.

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