Different Gas Fills for Window Glazing

Written on: March 4th, 2015 BY IN Windows

Home efficiency remains a top concern for homeowners in the Indianapolis area (and everywhere!), and windows garner particular attention. After all, glass can be a poor insulator, and homes with large expanses of windows tend to cost more to heat and cool.

One way to counter the thermal inefficiency of glass is to use multiple panes. Double- and triple-glazed windows have completely replaced single-pane windows in modern times. Of course, windows with multiple panes of glass beg the question: can anything go between the panes to increase efficiency without blocking the view?

As it turns out, certain window gas fills are denser than regular air, allowing them to improve a window’s thermal efficiency while still permitting a view to the outside.

Types of Window Gas Fills

Argon is the most common gas used in double- and triple-glazed windows. Since argon is colorless, adding this dense gas between window panes doesn’t impair your view outside at all. The gas is also odorless and nonreactive to earth’s atmosphere, making it harmless if the window leaks.

As it is, leaks are rare because windows from reputable manufacturers are certified against seal failures. If a leak does occur, your window retains its performance as long as at least 80% of the gas remains intact. Therefore, even if 1% of the gas leaked out per year, your windows would still be effective for the next 20 years.

Krypton and xenon gas are two other options. While these gases are denser than argon and, therefore, provide more thermal efficiency, they cost much more. Some manufacturers use a mixture of multiple gases in their windows, but dollar for dollar, argon gas does a better job at increasing window efficiency than either krypton or xenon.

Benefits of Gas-Filled Window Glazing

Gas fills in windows can help:

  • Improve home efficiency by keeping outdoor temperatures at bay.
  • Boost home comfort by reducing drafts and cold spots from inefficient windows.
  • Increase the soundproofing qualities of windows.
  • Reduce condensation and frost that can lead to interior and exterior water damage.

You can even combine window gas fills with a low-E coating to help block harmful UV rays.

With this information about window gas fills in mind, contact Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie to pick out your replacement windows. We can help you make the most cost-effective decision for your home.