Why Is My Garage Door So Loud?

While it’s natural for garage doors to be somewhat loud when they operate, excessive noise can indicate a problem. Do you feel like your door is louder than it should be? Don’t hesitate to call a professional! Garage doors are complex, composed of cables, springs and more. Basically, there could be a number of different reasons your garage door is so loud.

Common Causes of a Noisy Garage Door

Your garage door could have:

  • Natural noisy operation: You might just have a loud garage door opener. The noisiest type is a chain drive opener, which you may be able to quiet down by frequently applying lubrication. A screw drive opener is less noisy, but after years of use, it can start to operate loudly, too. Again, lubrication is the answer. The quietest of all openers is a belt drive. If this is the type you have, it may not be the source of the noise you hear.
  • Poor stability: An unbalanced garage door may operate noisily and even stop working eventually. Professionals can test the balance of your door. It involves pulling the emergency cord and manually raising the door halfway. If it’s unbalanced, the door will start to fall.
  • Worn out springs: Springs run down the sides and along the top of the garage door. A grating sound means coils in the springs are bending and rubbing against one another. Worn out springs can snap, which is a safety hazard. A professional can replace the springs to quiet the noise and make your garage safer.
  • Faulty hinges: All a squeaky hinge needs is some oil. However, if your garage door hinges are making grinding noises, that’s a sign they need to be replaced. This is a job for a professional technician.
  • Worn out bearings: Garage door pulleys and rollers have bearings, which can wear down and cause a loud ticking sound. The bearings need to be replaced if this is the noise you hear.
  • Old rollers: Rollers start to operate more loudly with age. If you choose to replace them, you may want to get nylon rollers, which are quieter and don’t require lubrication as often as metal rollers. But a professional will be able to help you choose the right solution!

We recommend calling a professional for any problem you’re experiencing!

Garage Door Repair in the Indianapolis Area

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