Should You Replace Your Garage Door?

Your garage door makes up a large part of your home’s exterior, but it’s not something you really think about—until it stops working! If your garage door has stopped working or isn’t operating normally, it may be hard to tell if it’s time to replace it or if your door just needs to be tuned up.

If you need service right away, get in touch with Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie—or keep reading to learn more about how to tell if you need garage door replacement!

When to Replace Your Garage Door

Having a garage door professional come out and inspect your door is the best course of action. An expert will be able to tell you if you need replacement or if a repair will suffice. But there are some signs you can look out for on your own. You may need to replace your door if it:

  • Doesn’t close or open all the way
  • Makes a loud grinding noise when operating
  • Lets water leak in the bottom (when it rains, is the floor of the garage near the door wet?)
  • Won’t open or close with both the wall opener and remote control

If something doesn’t look or sound normal, it probably isn’t! Sometimes a tune-up is enough, but there are times when you need garage door replacement.

Figuring Out the Source of the Problem

One of the first steps in determining whether you need to replace your garage door is diagnosing the problem. One of our professionals will do this for you, but in general, common sources of garage door problems are:

Keep in mind that you also may need to replace your door due to old age (unfortunately, garage doors don’t last forever).

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