Value of Patio Door Replacement

It’s way too cold outside to think about doing any exterior home work, but in a month or two, the temperatures will finally start to become more bearable! Are you already making a to-do list? It’s not too late to think about home improvement projects to complete when it gets warmer.

Do you have an old patio door you’ve been meaning to replace? Maybe you’re on the fence about it, wondering if it’s worthwhile—and it can be valuable. Patio doors aren’t included in Remodeling magazine’s 2014 Cost vs. Value Report, but they can have a similar monetary value as replacing a front door (according to the report, a steel patio door replacement can have a cost recouped value of 83% in the region that includes Indianapolis).

Other Benefits of Patio Door Replacement

A beautiful new patio door can help:

  • Enhance the exterior of your home and potentially improve resale value (beneficial for those moving)
  • Increase your home’s energy efficiency (doors manufactured today are more energy-efficient than doors made even a decade ago)
  • Increase the safety and security of your home

A new patio door can be necessary in certain situations, such as if your current door:

  • Is difficult to open or close all the way
  • Doesn’t slide along the track smoothly
  • Has an unreliable lock
  • Allows water to leak in the bottom (when it rains, does the flooring near the door get wet?)
  • Has a buildup of rust or mold

All of these indicate problems that require repair at the very least—maybe even full replacement. The best thing to do? Consult a professional. But generally speaking, if something doesn’t look or sound normal, don’t dismiss it. Take action before it becomes a major problem that costs you a lot of money and time.

Indianapolis Area Patio Door Installers

If you need patio door installers in central Indiana, look to the team at Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie. We offer high-quality vinyl sliding patio doors from Great Lakes Window. Contact us today to learn more!