Value of Garage Door Replacement

You probably have a long list of things to do around the house before the temperatures drop and snow starts falling. Are you considering replacing your garage door but on the fence about it? It may be more valuable than you think.

According to Remodeling magazine’s 2014 Cost vs. Value Report, in the region including Indianapolis, a garage door replacement job that costs $1,553 has a resale value of $1,285. That’s 83% of the cost recouped! This is especially helpful if you’re planning to move in the near future.

Other Benefits of Garage Door Replacement

In addition to helping improve the resale value of your home, a new garage door can help:

  • Enhance the exterior of your home and boost curb appeal (also beneficial for those moving)
  • Increase your home’s energy efficiency (many insulated doors are available)
  • Increase the safety and security of your home

A new garage door can be necessary in certain situations, such as if your current door:

  • Doesn’t close or open all the way
  • Makes a loud grinding noise when operating
  • Allows to water leak in the bottom (when it rains, is the floor of the garage near the door wet?)
  • Won’t open or close with both the wall opener and remote control

If something doesn’t look or sound normal, it probably isn’t.

Garage Door Installers Serving Indianapolis

If you need a garage door company in central Indiana, call Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie. We offer a variety of garage doors—wood, aluminum and more—in different styles to complement any home. Contact us today to learn more!

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