When to Replace Your Windows

Written on: May 9th, 2014 BY IN Windows

Are your home’s windows in good shape? Is it time to replace them? There isn’t a single best time to replace windows—it really depends on your priorities.

Spring and summer are the busy season for window installers —so if you prefer shorter wait times and lower costs, the best time to replace your windows would be the late fall or winter. Keep in mind, though, that during these seasons, inclement weather may delay the project.

Regardless of the season, there are signs you can look out for that indicate it’s probably time to get new windows.

Best Time to Replace Windows

It’s a good idea to call local window professionals—such as Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie—if your current windows:

  • Are drafty: Old, drafty windows can easily decrease the energy efficiency of your home—in fact, they may be contributing to your higher utility bills. One way to check for drafts is to hold a candle in front of the edge of the window. If it flickers excessively, there are probably drafts.
  • Don’t work correctly: Are your windows difficult to open or close? Faulty operation can indicate a number of problems, from damaged springs to warped frames. Windows that don’t work the way they should—including those with broken locks—can compromise not only the energy efficiency of your home but also its security.
  • Have excess condensation: While it’s normal for a little condensation to build up on your windows in some situations, excess amounts are not. This can lead to mold growth and sill deterioration. Too much condensation (or mold) on the windows can indicate inadequate insulation or broken seals.
  • Are single paned: Older, single-pane windows just aren’t as energy-efficient as modern windows today (many come with two or even three panes). Windows with one pane are more susceptible to moisture infiltration, mold growth, sill deterioration, condensation buildup, etc.
  • Don’t seamlessly complement your home: Do your windows not match the style of your home? If they stick out like a sore thumb, you could benefit from window replacement. Whether your home is contemporary or Victorian, the right window style can enhance the overall design.

Window Replacement in Indianapolis

Do you need to install new windows? If you live in central Indiana, Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie can help. For nearly 90 years, we’ve been providing top-quality services to homeowners throughout the Indianapolis area.

Contact us to learn more about how our replacement windows can help enhance your home’s energy efficiency, comfort and aesthetics!