Reducing Garage Door Noise

Is your garage door noisy? Loud garage door operation can be frustrating, but it’s not something you have to live with! Fortunately, with the help of garage door professionals, there are easy fixes for a noisy garage door!

If you live in central Indiana and want a new, quiet garage door, the professionals at Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie can help. Contact us today, or keep reading to learn a little more about why your garage door might be noisy.

Why Is Your Garage Door Noisy?

Often, loud garage door operation is caused by a loud opener (usually older), but this isn’t the only source of the problem. Other potential causes include:

  • Worn down rollers
  • Worn down hinges
  • Worn down opener gears and sprockets
  • Loose hardware
  • Squeaky or broken hinges
  • Rollers, bearings, hinges and springs that aren’t lubricated enough
  • Opener chain that is out of adjustment

What You Can Do

To help reduce garage door problems like noisy operation, homeowners get professional maintenance and service. This helps ensure your garage door is safe and in top condition.

A professional can inspect your garage door and determine the source of the problem, whether it’s loose hardware that’s causing a loud rattling sound or simply an old garage door opener that needs to be replaced. In fact, 15 or 20 years is a good lifespan for openers. If yours is any older than that, it may not have more modern, advanced safety and technology features, such as safety sensors and rolling code technology.

Need a New Garage Door Opener?

If you’re looking to replace your old, noisy garage door opener, look no further! Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie offers garage door openers that are smooth and quiet in operation. We can help you choose the right product.

Overhead Door’s automatic opener systems are designed for years of reliable performance and come with great warranties. These openers are quiet, powerful and durable. Odyssey® and Destiny® openers—which run on direct current (DC) power instead of alternating current (AC) power—are particularly quiet.

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