Modern Carriage Style Garage Doors

If you’ve ever seen a carriage style garage door, you are probably picturing an ornate wood door with decorative handles. Many carriage doors do look like this and can be found on traditional homes like Colonial—but did you know this door style can also complement contemporary homes?

What Do Modern Carriage Garage Doors Look Like?

If you’re wondering if carriage style doors can be modern, the answer is “yes.” They have the same general look and characteristics of a regular carriage door but generally:

  • Are painted white or another color that complements the home, especially wood doors
  • Have fewer decorative hinges and handles
  • Are not as ornate overall

Residential Garage Door Installation

While some modern carriage doors have windows, it isn’t a defining feature. The architecture of your home will largely impact the aesthetic of the garage door. Modern carriage style garage doors are meant to complement the home without commanding too much attention—they are beautiful in a more subtle way.

Carriage Style Door Installation in the Indianapolis Area

Interested in a carriage garage door for your contemporary home? Overhead Door offers Signature® Carriage Collection and Carriage House Collection doors and can help you choose the right look (you have a lot of choices!).

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