Is My Insulation Working?

Noticing a bit of a spike in utility costs this year? Or maybe the old homestead just isn’t staying as cool (or toasty) as it used to. These can be telltale signs that your insulation is aging, damaged, or just plain not up to snuff. Join us, if you will, for a little insulation 101.

Signs Your Insulation Isn’t Living Up to Your Needs

There are some clear signs that your insulation isn’t quite doing the best job. Some are obvious, sure, but a few might be news to you:

  • Disproportionate energy costs. Are your energy bill significantly higher for no apparent reason? Your home may not have enough insulation.
  • Drafts or discomfort. If you feel a breeze blowing and there isn’t a fan on or a door open, or your home is colder or warmer than it should be, there’s a solid chance you have inadequate home insulation.
  • Ice troubles. Insufficient amounts of attic insulation can lead to ice dams and related problems. If you get icicles along your roof, or your house is the only one on the street with melting snow on the roof, you may want to check your insulation levels.
  • HVAC working overtime. Does it seems like your heating or cooling system never shuts off? It may be having trouble keeping up due to being unable to hold controlled air in your home’s envelope.
  • Hot or cold spots. If you find odd pockets of cooler or warmer air in your home, odds are rogue air is getting in (or out) that shouldn’t be able to.

How Good Is My Insulation?

Are you dealing with fiberglass batts? Blow-in? Spray foam insulation ? Important questions, sure, but really the more important issue if is there is enough of it. Generally speaking, a contractor is going to put enough insulation in your home to make it “code”. Basically, this means they put enough in to satisfy the requirements of construction.

What does this mean for you? Unless you’ve had some professional insulation work in the past few years, you likely need more. Older homes (built in the 1970s or earlier) tend to not have enough insulation. Improving the insulation of your home is one of the outright fastest ways to help improve energy efficiency.

Insulation Installation in the Indianapolis Area

Is it uncomfortable in your home? Do you find yourself needing to ask “How good is my insulation?” The answer is probably “not good enough.” If you suspect you may be in need of better/more insulation, contact Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie today to see how we can help!