Where Is the Garage Door Limit Switch?

The limit switch on your automatic garage door handles how far the door is allowed to move both upward and down. Over time this mechanism can begin to sort of de-calibrate and loosen, which can frequently lead to doors that won’t quite close all the way, doors that don’t open far enough to allow easy access into the garage, or a door that reverses part way through operation.

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Where Is the Limit Switch?

Nearly all garage doors will have the limit switch located in roughly the same place, sometimes one of two places:

  1. The switch is usually set up directly beside the manual controls on the garage door opener, or more rarely near the bulb.
  2. Limit switches can also be frequently found along the tracks on the upper half.

What you’re looking for are a set of two white knobs, both of which will be inset and will feature slots that can be manipulated using a flathead screwdriver. If you cannot locate these in the two places above or are having trouble, you might need to consult your user manual to find them.

Adjusting Your Limit Switch

Frequently you can stop your door problems by adjusting the limit switch in order to allow the door to move safely and more freely. Simply take a flathead screwdriver and adjust the limit switch using a clockwise motion to increase the travel range or counterclockwise to decrease the travel range (in the case that your door is going too far and resetting).

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