Do You Have a Broken Garage Door Spring?

Your garage door isn’t something you think about on a daily basis—until it suddenly stops working! Sometimes the source of the problem is a broken spring. In fact, here at Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie, we often hear “my garage door spring broke,” and we can help!

If you think you may have a broken garage door spring or your garage door has stopped working and you don’t know why, contact us today or call us at 317-489-0825 for our Indianapolis location and 765-215-2932 for our Muncie location.

Broken Springs

The motor can’t lift the garage door itself—the springs help it lift the door. But they can only wind and unwind so many times, and how many times the door opens and closes usually determines how long the spring will last. When these springs snap, the motor can no longer lift the door on its own.

There are:

  • Extension springs (parallel to the track)
  • Torsion springs (parallel to the door)

If you have two springs on your door and only one breaks, both should be replaced. If only one is replaced, the second is more likely to break within the next few months.

Signs You Have a Broken Garage Door Spring

It’s usually very obvious when there is a problem with your garage door’s springs. Common signs are:

  • The door can’t open or close
  • The door makes loud noises when operating
  • The door doesn’t operate smoothly (this may indicate that the spring system is out of balance)

If your garage door spring is broken—or you don’t know what the problem is but your door doesn’t work properly—call local professionals immediately!

Garage Door Repair in Indianapolis

A broken spring requires immediate garage door repair, so don’t wait to call professionals to come out and inspect (and fix) your door.

If you live in central Indiana, Overhead Door Co. of Indianapolis & Muncie can help you. Our trucks carry many sizes of extension springs and may be able to fix the door in one visit. But because of the different sizes of torsion springs, it is likely that we will clamp the broken spring (making it functional again) and return on a separate visit with a new custom ordered replacement spring, which can help your garage door function more smoothly.

We offer 24-hour emergency garage door service, so we can get you out of the fix you’re in whenever you need it. Contact us today for fast garage door repair in the Indianapolis, Indiana area!